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The Stonewater Pub has been in existence for 7 years now. It was actually built 10 years ago as an Irish pub in the garage of our home, was only 14 seats and was pretty popular right from the onset. An addition was added a few years later on what was the driveway. The old owners lost interest in it and closed it for about a year and half before Jeff resurrected it , added to it , changed it's name and style and brought Chef Dave onboard to help make it what it is today.Then Sue came along and added her talents to the mix and low and behold we have a pretty fun little pub to offer our guests and locals alike. Every Thursday,Friday and Saturday night we feature live music with local performers and some great feature artists taking turns entertaining. We feature blues players, acoustic artists, small groups and comic singers. 

We have some  people concerned about whether they will be bothered by the music. Don't worry, the pub is located at the back of the building and you can't hear the music in any of the rooms. On Wednesday nights in the winter we have a trivia challenge that has become a lot of fun as well.
Our gastro pub looks out over the St.Lawrence river and offers an old world style pub feeling with a choice of 12 local micro beers, assorted wines and a great single malt selection as well. We offer a fantastic and interesting pub menu as well.

We have decided not to take reservations in the pub for the remainder of the summer as we have had too many occasions when people are late or only half the group show up. It's not fair to the rest of our patrons and we can look after all our guests as quickly as possible.  If you are looking to place a take out order you can call us at 613-382-2116.